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It’s clear that today's information and data landscape is more complex and rich with potential (and business value) than at any time before. And while the ability to capture, manage and apply analytics to this wealth of information is critical, it's clear a person can have the greatest insight in the world, but without the ability to effectively share that insight with decision makers, those insights may ultimately have little value.

What is the answer

Companies now recognise that the skills of data storytelling and narrative development are becoming as crucial as statistical analysis and data analytics. When combined with the ability to effectively leverage visual elements and design thinking, these additional skills improve the effectiveness and efficiency of anyone who needs to communicate or share information and insights with colleagues, peers, and associates.

Paul Hodge (DataVizGuy) provides comprehensive Data Visualisation training sessions, where he explores the challenges facing all of us when asked to communicate or discover the insights gained in the ever-increasing amounts of data being produced and consumed by Businesses. 

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Paul Hodge is a regular Lecturer at numerous Australian Universities, Public Speaker (@DataVizGuy), and Corporate Data Storytelling and Data Visualisation trainer. 

Before devoting himself to the field of Data Storytelling and Data Visualisation education and coaching/mentoring, Paul worked for more than 2 decades with some of the world’s largest companies while living and working in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Lausanne, and his hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Attendees (1,000+) of Paul’s lectures, keynote sessions, and corporate training events are taken on a journey through entertaining and informative examples of world-class Data Visualisations, and gain insights for the use of frameworks and how to apply tips-and-tricks for building and use compelling Data Visualisations and Dashboard designs that will engage, entertain and inspire future decision makers.

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Lift your Data Visualisation IQ

Paul Hodge (@DataVizGuy) provides Data Visualisation training that will engage, educate, and inspire. Leveraging pre-defined educational materials, with topics ranging from principles of audience engagement and data storytelling, to design thinking, to aligning data and visual elements. 

Educational sessions can be supplemented by hands-on tutorial sessions, and mentoring assistance to help develop real-world practical skills. 

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